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Henosis is the Ancient Greek word for “unity,” and we think it perfectly sums up what we are all about. We aim to improve the lives of our members, our local community, and the larger fitness community by supporting one another, persisting in spite of challenges, and fostering a generous and positive spirit.

Henosis is unlike anything else you’ve tried– we use proven methods to help you take down the barriers that are keeping you from the health and fitness you’ve always wanted. We take a whole-health approach to improve your fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle habits. The result? Improved body composition, better mobility, less pain, more energy, greater confidence, improved relationships, and the satisfaction of knowing you get to keep living and feeling this way long into the future.

Whether you just want to get in better shape, are training to be a competitive athlete, or are wanting to workout for the first time in your life, we will support you. At Henosis, you’re not on your own and you don’t have to have all the answers. You’ll be part of a family that cares about you and wants to see you be successful. Motivation comes and goes, but that’s where having a team of loving coaches can make all the difference!

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