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Sports Enhancement

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As a lifelong athlete, lead trainer Nathan Bressner knows a thing or two about training for specific-sports goals. His time as a Student Strength and Conditioning Coach at Illinois State University and his experiences with CrossFit have equipped him with a wide array of coaching tools to help every athlete take their abilities to the next level. 

While our Group Fitness training focuses on general physical preparedness and well-rounded fitness, Sports Enhancement training is programmed to specifically enhance the abilities most athletes need to excel in their specific sports. We don’t just help build strength or improve speed, we condition our athletes to be able to utilize their speed and strength to be powerful in all the right ways. Sports Enhancement training enhances the natural abilities of our athletes and helps them be powerful, successful, and better athletes on and off the field or court.

Sports Enhancement Training

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A Friendly & Supportive Environment

Our Sports Enhancement program is designed for athletes ages 14-18 who want to be the best in their sport. With a small class size, we only want to work with the most coachable, motivated student athletes. Drills and workouts can be adjusted to any ability level, and our programming is specific to the athletes we are working with at any given time. Nowhere else in Southern Illinois offers this level of focused, supported athletic training for teens, and we are very proud of the successes we’ve seen in this program.

Space is limited, but openings are currently available for athletes in any sport. Schedule your Free Consultation here.

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