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One question we always ask in our consultations is “what will success look like for you?” Very often, the answer has to do with losing weight. Weight loss is a very important goal for many of our members, whether they are just interested in fitness, nutrition, or doing a 6 Week Challenge. Weight loss can be a great goal to set— you can easily know where you are starting from and when you’ve achieved your goal, all by stepping on a scale. Often it seems like if we could just get to a certain number, life would be perfect!

weight Loss Fitness Classes in Carbondale IL
Weight Loss Classes in Carbondale Il

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But when we push a little deeper, most people admit that the number on the scale isn’t as important to them as they thought. While they want to lose weight, what they really want is to feel and move better. To have confidence in how they look and feel. To feel comfortable in their own skin. To wear the clothes they like without discomfort or embarrassment. Parents tell us that they want to be a good example to their children by taking better care of themselves. That they want to be able to play with their kids without getting tired. That they want to be around long enough to meet their grandkids. Many people want to be able to shop in their favorite stores, without having to look for extended sizes. One of our 6 Week Challengers said all she really wanted was to be able to fit her purse next to her in the seat at the movies without having to put it on the floor! All of these goals are about weight loss, but they’re really about so much more.

At Henosis, we can help you lose weight through science-based fitness and nutrition programs. But we also help you achieve many other kinds of success that can’t be measured on a scale. Weight loss can be important, but how you feel, move, and live are so much more important to us.

Ready to start your weight loss/fitness journey? The best way to get started is with our 6 Week Challenge Program.

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